Residential Mortgage Appraisals

Delaware Appraisals, Inc. provides appraisals related to Purchasing or Refinancing, for First or Second Mortgages including Home Equity Line of Credit financing, for lending institutions, large or small, as well as private individuals. For twenty five years, we have been servicing Banks, Appraisal Management Companies and Credit Unions, providing Lender/Clients with the most accurate & promptly completed professional appraisal reports available. We are dedicated to providing real estate appraisals with the results arrived at that are the most indicative of market value, based on the latest data, from the multiple listing services, tax assessors records, real estate professionals, as well as other professional sources not available to the public. These extensive sources of data provide us the ability  to determine which sales that are the most recent and most similar to the home being appraised. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 302.858.4983.